It’s not jewelry, it’s a wearable memory stick

It’s not jewelry, it’s a wearable memory stick


You’ll have to thank Thanko for this one. The Japanese company has come out with a handy way to carry a memory stick. It’s a neck strap that incorporates that good old stick into its design, with what looks to be good results. No more forgetting where you set down that memory.

Take a close look at the photo and you’ll think that there’s no way that that design can work. How can the USB prong fit into the standard neck strap design? Well, it does, and it allows you to carry your memory with you on that neck strap that you’ll probably already wearing for business or pleasure use.

When you’re ready to access the memory stick, just unclasp the stick and plug it into any USB port. Voila!

The initial model sports 512MB of memory, and we suspect that subsequent models will be able to increase the amount of storage without increasing the amount of weight, which is a prime concern if you’re going to wearing that emory stick for a prolonged period of time.