Intel’s Montecito has a release date

Intel’s Montecito has a release date


The Intel fans among us will no doubt be cheering at this news: The chipmaking giant will unveil its long-awaited Montecito processor on July 18. The dual-core Itanium 2 will be shown to the public for the first time as a finished product at an event in San Francisco, according to two people familiar with the situation. For its part, Intel won’t confirm the date.

Whether this launch will help Intel regain some of the momentum it has lost to rivals AMD and Hewlett-Packard remains to be seen. The delay of the Montecito has been particularly painful for Intel, which has seen competitor AMD come out with a host of Itanium products in the few months since the original launch date of Montecito. Those launches have helped the Sunnvyvale, Calif.-based AMD gain momentum in the chipmaking war and the public relations war. HP also has maintained its stranglehold on the market, with some analysts estimating that the Palo Alto giant has 80 percent of the Itanium market to date.

Intel’s Montecito is expected to offer the by-now familiar combination of improved performance and decreased power consumption, along with the company’s special on-chip virtualization technology. Once the chip is finally out, we can begin to see who is buying it and in what quantities.