China launch parties growing in number

China launch parties growing in number


China has gone from being an electronics dumping ground to a major launchpad for new products, as evidenced by a growing number of companies choosing to reveal their new product lines in the world’s most populous country.

You don’t have to look hard these days to find a notebook computer or portable audio player that is making its debut in China. Japan, the neighbor across the Sea of Japan, is acknowledged as the powerhouse of electronics in Asia; and it is certainly no surprise when new products get their official launch party in Tokyo or other Japanese cities. But China, long a home to manufacturing centers for electronics products, is emerging as a launch party market as well.

Japan’s own Toshiba decided to unveil one of its newest notebook computers in China, at the SINOCES electronics show. Sony got in on the game as well, launching a portable music player from the very workshop where it was made— a great leap forward in China’s emergence as a global power. Many electronics makers are also churning out China-specific products, such as phones and music players that sport a Chinese-language option and other fun features like Chinese-themed wallpaper and a calendar that lists Chinese holidays and other special events.

This trend is likely to accelerate in the near future, as more and more manufacturers aim toward the burgeoning Chinese market sector, not only in electronics but also in other areas as well, most noticeably automobiles.