Sotec WinBook DN8000 features 17-inch widescreen


    A laptop with any kind of widescreen used to be enough to elicit a fairly strong reaction, but that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Nor does simply throwing in a Core Duo processor. While the Sotec WinBook DN8000 doesn’t sport any feature that will attract attention by itself, this 17-inch widescreen notebook does throw down a rather impressive package.

    Weighing in at 3.7 kilograms and measuring 394 x 287 x 39 millimetres, the Sotec WinBook DN8000 can be customized to fit your needs. On the high end of things, this notebook can rock a T2600 Core Duo processor, up to 2 gigs of RAM, a 120GB hard drive, Intel 945GM Express Video Card, a dual-layer DVD burner, (deep breath) S/PDIF output and an eSATA connector. Too bad there’s no mention of 3G or Bluetooth, although you can expect WiFi to be bundled into the package as well.

    No word on exact pricing, but they do say that the first 500 customers get a 70 Euro discount.