MobiBlu DAH-2200 DAP fails to impress

MobiBlu DAH-2200 DAP fails to impress


The name MobiBlu is now associated with the smallest of form factors, thanks to the popularity of the smallest of the small Cube and Cube 2. While the new DAH-2200 is pretty diminuitive, it’s far from being the smallest on the market, and what’s more, it fails to impress when it comes to features.

The 1GB of on-board flash memory is okay, I suppose, but it ain’t a lot of space. Weighing in at 27.5 grams, the DAH-2200 sports a two-color OLED display (128×64 pixels), 13 hours of juice from its 420 mAh Li-ion battery, and 4 equalizer presets. File support is limited to just MP3, WMA, and WAV formats, though they did manage to put in a couple of extras like a voice recorder and dual headphone jacks.

No word on pricing or launch dates, but expect the MobiBlu DAH-2200 to be Korea only. For more pics, check out the official product page here.