Jeep SRT-8 is high-powered, not ready for off-roading

Jeep SRT-8 is high-powered, not ready for off-roading


Here’s a paradox if you’ve ever seen one. The minds at the Chrysler Group have come up with something strange: a sport utility vehicle that is not intended for any off-road motoring whatsoever and is rather design for “fast road and track use.”

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 is the latest addition to the superpowered SRT line of vehicles coming out of the automaker’s camp. Above and beyond the powerful 6.1L V8 engine capable of 420hp and the same number of lbs-ft of torque, they’ve “blinged” out this 4×4 by throwing on 20-inch alloy wheels, high-performance Brembo brakes, and “unique” front and rear bumpers for aerodynamic purposes. With lines like that, you’d think I was talking about a droptop roadster.

Rocketing from 0-62mph in a mere five seconds, the Jeep SRT-8 tops out at about 152mph as it blasts into showrooms with a starting sticker price of £40,585 ($74,555).