Invisio Q7 BT headset senses your jaw movements

Invisio Q7 BT headset senses your jaw movements


Despite what the picture may lead you to believe, it isn’t time for all you trekkies to set your phaser on stun. Rather this is simply another addition to a long line of bluetooth headsets, but it’s got a little something extra. Nextlink is set to release the Invisio Q7 Bluetooth headset, a unit that uses the vibrations from your jaw to pick up what you’re saying. No need to worry about noisy environments and weak mics.

It’s unconventional-looking, yes, but its functionality matches that strange appearance. It seems that Nextlink had a few kinks to iron out with their previous offering — the Jawbone headset — which functioned in much the same way. No word on exactly what upgrades were made, but newer is usually better, right?

Look for the Q7 to be offered exclusively through Radio Shack in the fourth quarter of this year. No word on pricing.