HP goes dual core for TC4400 Tablet PC

HP goes dual core for TC4400 Tablet PC


Designed with corporate users in mind, the TC4400 Tablet PC from HP packs an Intel T2400 Core Duo processor (1.83GHz) to keep everything running smoothly as you multitask through your busy day at work. Featuring a 12.1-inch XGA LCD display, the TC 4400 allows for a 160-degree wide-viewing angle.

Other key features to this otherwise bland-looking device (remember, it’s designed for business users and not for chic teenagers to accompany their radical cell phones) include Bluetooth 2.0 and all three flavours of WiFi thanks to the Intel Pro 3945. If you really feel the urge for QWERTY, there appears to be a full-sized (detachable) keyboard available as well.

With a three year warranty, the HP TC4400 is set to retail at 2,090,000 Korean Won ($2207 USD). This is yet another Korea-only release.