Gigabyte g-YoYo smartphone costs the same as a laptop

Gigabyte g-YoYo smartphone costs the same as a laptop


And I thought HTC was creative by christening their handsets the Wizard and the Hermes. Gigabyte has done them one better in the cell phone naming game, officially unveiling their newest handset as the g-YoYo. This smartphone has plenty of functionality to overcome its unconventional name.

For starters, the Gigabyte g-YoYo rocks full GPS functionality to keep you on your way, a two megapixel camera with auto focus to capture spur of the moment memories, and MP3 playback capabilities to make your incessant head bobbing not seem so strange. Other key features include USB connectivity, voice commands, “three-axis sensors”, 3D stereo sound, Bluetooth, a miniSD expansion slot, and a 2-inch (176×220 pixel) touchscreen display with handwriting recognition.

All this nifty stuff comes at a price, of course. The MSRP on the 105g Gigabyte g-YoYo is set at an incredible 10,900 Yuan ($1,363 USD).