VW car drives itself at 150 mph

VW car drives itself at 150 mph


Volkswagen wants you to buy a Golf GTi, and eventually they don’t want you to have to worry about the little details – like driving it.

You won’t have to worry about that, because the car drives itself. It uses electronic eyes which feature both radar and laser sensors in the grille of the car to read the road and relay what it sees to the onboard computer. A satellite navigation system tracks the car and tracks its location to within an inch.

This thing isn’t a toy, either. It can handle speeds of up to 150 mph while under its own control, and drove with more precision than the VW engineers could. It’s not like a glorified cruise control system, either – it can steer, brake and accelerate when needed. It should, theoretically at least, be able to handle traffic, too. I think it will be a while before you can head down to your dealership and pick this as an option, though.