TuneStage nano dock uses iPod as remote

TuneStage nano dock uses iPod as remote


There is far from being a shortage of iPod docks and speaker sets on the market, from the super anemic versions that bust out 4 watts or less of closet-filling tunes, to devices that hook up to your top of the line home theatre for a truly breathtaking experience. But it can be hard navigating the menu without having to actually walk up to the dock itself. Not anymore, because Belkin is set to release the TuneStage nano, a Bluetooth solution that uses the iPod nano itself as the remote.

Much like the FM transmitters you find for use in your car, one half of the TuneStage nano connects to the bottom of your nano, and for cycling through your library and designing up playlists, you do that on the iPod itself. The other side of the equation is the Bluetooth receiver that connects to your stereo system. A wireless solution for up to 30 feet away, all while using the iPod as a “remote”.

Of course, this can be quite a battery draw on the poor glossy white music player, because it is not connected to a power source and the Bluetooth transmitter necessarily requires a little bit of extra juice.

The Belkin TuneStage nano should be available now for around $180, and a 5G iPod Video-compatible rendition should be hitting shelves before the year is out as well.