Samsung to release pair of robot room cleaners

Samsung to release pair of robot room cleaners


Some people enjoy cleaning, but I am definitely not one of those people. With the advances in technology these days, we’re already seeing some rather impressive robots on the market that can do what we do, and maybe even do it better. The VC-RS60 and VC-RS60H may look like little boomboxes to bring tunes with you to the beach, but these robots from Samsung are actually AI-powered cleaning machines, ready to suck up all the dust and dirt gracing your floors.

We’ve seen similar devices announced before, but this pair from Samsung throws an extra trick or two into the mix. Cleaning at a rate of 0.4 metres a second, the VC-RS60 and VC-RS60H “know” when they’re running out of juice. Just as you head to the kitchen for a snack or a drink when you get hungry, these robot cleaners are programmed to return to their charging stations when the battery falls below 20% (they last about an hour on a full charge). There is also a UV lamp affixed to the bottom that helps the robot cleaner “see” (and clean up) ticks, mold, pollen and other things that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Like other vacuum cleaners (and lawnmowers, for that matter) of its kind, these Samsung devices will turn around when they hit a stairway or some other obstacle.

If you find that your robot cleaner is always missing a spot or if you just happen to be a control freak, fret not, because there is a manual override that lets you tell the cleaner where to go via the provided remote control.