NTT DoCoMo goes soft with Dolce SL

NTT DoCoMo goes soft with Dolce SL


Tired of all the hard plastic and cold metal that are gracing all of our cell phones these days? If you happen to be cruising through Japan, you will be able to play it soft with NTT DoCoMo, the soon to be released Dolce SL sports some “artificial leather” for a more comfortable feel.

Made by Sharp, the FOMA-enabled handset is the latest clamshell coming out of the DoCoMo camp, complete with an internal antenna, square-ish form factor, and a 1.3MP (CMOS) camera. Other key features include a 2.4-inch internal LCD, miniSD expansion up to 2 gigs, PTT, and an integrated music player. Available colors include extra black, elegant white, and “precious lead” (red).

The Dolce part of the name signifies its softness, whereas the SL is said to stand for “Superior Luxury.” Yup, cause fake leather just exudes luxury, right? Maybe for PETA supporters.