MacBooks receive upgrade, go “Ultimate”

MacBooks receive upgrade, go “Ultimate”


If you just picked up an Apple MacBook recently, especially the white version, you may cringe a bit when you read that Apple has decided to give a “free” processor upgrade via a new out of the box configuration. But hey, that’s the price you pay for buying any kind of techie thing these days: they become obsolete moments after you purchase them.

You could already outfit a 1.83GHz WhiteBook with a full gig of RAM and an 80GB hard drive, but if you pick up this new pre-fabbed version, they’ll upgrade the processor to a 2GHz Core Duo absolutely free. Okay, so it’s not exactly making your old unit obsolete, yet, but a free upgrade is a free upgrade.

If you want to go “Ultimate”, however, you’ll have to opt for the black version, which they are dubbing the “MacBook Ultimate.” The specs are identical to the souped up WhiteBook, but to sport the darker rendition, you’ll have to fork out a $100 premium, setting the price at $1599.