Award winning projectors from Samsung

Award winning projectors from Samsung


Personally, I think the Gold Award-winning Braille phone is a heck of a lot more innovative (and impressive) than these pair of gadgets from Samsung, but I guess that explains why they didn’t get gold. A pair of Silver Awards were given to the Samsung Pocket Imager SP-P300MK and Portable Digital Projector at an award show sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and BusinessWeek.

Samsung won a total of 19 awards at the Industrial Design Excellent Awards (IDEA), and these two projectors are pretty excellent, I suppose.

In another “world’s first” by Samsung, the Pocket Imager SP-P300MK is the first battery-operated projector, as well as being the world’s smallest DLP projector. It took home an award in the Business & Industrial Products category.

The Portable Digital Projector, on the other hand, can’t claim to be the world’s first or world’s smallest anything, really, but it does sport a rather nifty look. As such, it was given the Design Explorations Silver Award.