Microcar Zenn is all-electric, heading to the States

Microcar Zenn is all-electric, heading to the States


Want to take care of the environment and save a few bucks doing it? Maybe the Microcar Zenn is for you, because it takes fuel economy to a whole new level: it doesn’t need any. Instead, this “car” is all-electric. The fully-enclosed vehicle comes with a few standard amenities like seat belts, headlights, a defroster, and a gauge cluster, but many may feel that it is simply a glorified golf cart.

Considering that it tops out at 25MPH and has a maximum range of 35 miles, you wouldn’t want to be caught in big city traffic with this thing, let alone hitting up the interstate. Instead, it seems that this vehicle is better suited for gated communities, getting around movie studios, and other short-range, low-speed areas.

The Zenn — “Zero Emissions, No Noise” — is a modified version of the MC-2 sold in Europe, which runs on diesel. Feel Good Cars Inc. of Toronto imports a drivetrain-less MC-2, slaps on their 5hp electric motor and ships them out to 20 American dealerships to sell at $10k a piece. An additional 25 dealerships are expected to sign on before the year is out.