Aston Martin drops the top on the V8 Roadster

Aston Martin drops the top on the V8 Roadster


Aston Martin has another sweet looking car up its sleeve, and this time they’re taking the convertible route. Spy pics have popped up on the internet of the new V8 Roadster, and word on the street has this car hitting up dealerships and rich guys’ driveways within the next six months.

This convertible sports car — said to be simply dubbed the V8 Roadster (not too creative, I know — will likely get a bit more umph than the V8 Vantage on which it is based. What that means is that the engine found under the hood is expected to produce in excess of 380 horsepower.

That’s not to say that it will be faster than the Vantage, however, because all the nuts, bolts, and such involved in making the car a drop top add a fairly significant amount of weight, effectively slowing it down.

No word on pricing, but expect to pay a premium over the Vantage for the ability to go open air.