Tiny little PC from Israel

Tiny little PC from Israel


This little computer may just be the size of a credit card, but you can’t call it anything less than a PC. Unlike a Pocket PC, PDA or anything else this small, the CM-X270 has a PCI Bus, 4 USB host ports and wired networking.

Made by Compulab, an Israeli company, the CM-X270 measures 6.0 x 4.4 cm. IN that small size it manages to have an Intel XScale chip that will run Windows CE or Linux, half a GB of flash, 128 MB of RAM, AC’97 sound and 802.11b wireless interface. It has two antennas, for .

One look at it tells you it isn’t a consumer product (could it be the lack of a display interface?). It’s designed for companies to integrate into all sorts of other devices. They can buy them for as little as $57 each at 1,000 quantities. If you want one badly enough, all you have to do is find 999 friends who want one, too.