Mobile ESPN repackages Blade as Samsung ACE

Mobile ESPN repackages Blade as Samsung ACE


You’ve got more choices when it comes to going skinny for your newest flip phone. No longer are you restricted to the Motorola RAZR, because for all you sport nuts out there, you can turn to the super slim Samsung ACE, complete with all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from Mobile ESPN. This is the MVNO’s second cell phone, possibly pushing for a Sanyo MVP phase out.

The Samsung ACE, better known in most circles as the A900 or “Blade”, comes with a pretty decent feature set. Bluetooth wireless connectivity comes standard, as does a 1.3 megapixel camera that can swivel around for the best angle. Other key features include EV-DO high speed data, and audio and video playback (naturally, given the media-centric nature of Mobile ESPN).

A black paint job and ESPN logo makes for a fairly unique look, and at $99, it’s actually affordable. Look for the ACE to start shipping soon.