KTF EV-K130 slide phone is almost microscopic

KTF EV-K130 slide phone is almost microscopic


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Technology these days is all about making things smaller, but packing in as much extra functionality as (in)humanly possible. That latest in this trend is the almost microscopic EV-K130 slider phone coming out of KTF. Based on the pictures, it’s no taller than lipstick, and not much wider.

At 82 x 37 x 16.9mm, the EV-K130 is one of the smallest phones in the market, and get this: Samsung’s isn’t the one doing it. It appears to have a 1.3MP camera, polyphonic (and probably MP3) ringtones, PictBridge support, and “33 bay word electronic dictionaries”. You can even jam away with the best of them with the built-in music player, complete with user selectable “EVER Remix functions” and 3D equalizer.

They haven’t told us how much this puppy will cost, but they are planning for a release “in the end of June”, so, uh, I guess that means now. Hopefully some more sliding action shots will be revealed.