Kouwell unveils fingerprint-reading KW-7292 external hard drive

Kouwell unveils fingerprint-reading KW-7292 external hard drive


Sigh, fingerprint sensors just aren’t as sexy as they used to be. They’re becoming just as common as VGA cameras on cell phones these days. We see them on everything from laptops to flash drives, and now thanks to the good people at Kouwell, we’re going to be getting our fingerprints read on an external hard drive courtesy of the KW-7292. Unveiled at Computex in Taiwan, this portable storage device has its digit viewing mechanism featured quite prominently in the center.

Security can be made specific on this device. Want to allow access to your “shared” folder, but not your more private files? Not a problem, because the KW-7292 can selectively encrypt specific folders. They’ve made file transfer quite easy as well, with the possibility to automatically synchronize your data using an Outlook Express mailbox.

The rest of the deets are a little skinny. No word on storage capacitity, pricing, or availability, though we know that it’ll come in blue.