Ford Focus finally blows its top

Ford Focus finally blows its top


More announcements coming out of the Ford camp, except this time we turn to their European compatriots for some uplifting news.

They might not be working on hybrid technology quite as intently anymore, what’s the rush anyway, its not like Co2 emissions are warming up the atmosphere or anything like that. However, Ford is still “focusing” on making a spiffy, hip car that will break emission ratings and let you breathe that smoggy air while doing it. Yes, they’ve finally blown the top off and are getting ready to unveil the Ford Focus Coupe-Cabriolet.

We saw the first inklings of this vehicle way back at the Paris Motor Show in 2004 where it was being touted as the Vignale concept, and now it seems that it’s actually becoming a reality. A production model is set to be on display at the British Motor Show at the end of next month, with the drop top econobox hitting up UK showrooms this October.

If you think that the Focus Coupe-Cabriolet has an exotic look to it, you’d be right, because Italian design house Pininfarina has had significant input into the car’s design, including the “sleek lines” and “unique rear end to accommodate the folding metal roof.”