Willcom nico is a fun phone for kids

Willcom nico is a fun phone for kids


You’d think that a phone designed for the youngest chatters among us would have as few features as possible. You’d be right, up to a point.

Willcom has released a line of phones just for kids but that also have their parents in mind. They are aiming the “nico” WS005IN at kids aged 7 to 12.

They can act as phones, certainly, but they can also let your kids play a host of mobile games, send email, internationally roam and other fun things like that. Keeping the parents in mind, however, we have the one-touch SOS “urgent” button, which automatically dials whatever number you program it to. The phone also allows you the parent to track your child instantly by tracking the phone itself. Assuming that your adventuresome child hasn’t dropped the phone in a park or playground somewhere and gone off and left it, you can find out where he or she is at the touch of a button.

These fun phones will come in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and of course Chocolate. They sport a 1.5-inch LCD, 4.5 talktime, 410 hours standby and will be available July 13th.