Toshiba cranks out handful of powerful new SD cards

Toshiba cranks out handful of powerful new SD cards


Toshiba has once again claimed the honor of having the world’s smallest memory card. How long that honor lasts remains to be seen.

For now, however, the Japanese giant has released a new set of microSD cards that are packed with memory capability in a very small space. The cards come in increments of 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB and are all one-quarter the size of the miniSD card. Stack a few of those together and you get the idea that they’re very small indeed.

Also now on the market are a set of SDHC memory cards which are sleek yet powerful as well. First revealed by Panasonic, the SDHC is not compatible with standard SD devices, although very similar in size.

The 4GB SDHC model has been designed with the peruser of high-resolution pictures in mind. The microSD cards, like their mini and not-so-mini cousins, are aimed at the mobile phone and lower-res digital camera markets.