NEC N908 credit card-sized phone: Look ma, no keys

NEC N908 credit card-sized phone: Look ma, no keys


Its form factor is a little unconventional, especially considering that the NEC N908 is lacking a keypad altogether. It’s no smartphone, but it does pack a touchscreen display for all your input needs.

The N908 is about as compact as it gets at a mere 12.8mm thick and a footprint no larger than a credit card. Unveiled in Hong Kong earlier today the multimedia player has support for MP3, AAC, AAC+, 3GP and MPEG4 files (yes, video too), and because there is no keypad, the screen is quite big considering the overall size of the phone. Other key features include dual stereo speakers, a microSD expansion slot, Bluetooth, and a 1.3 megapixel camera. Quick access buttons for the camera, volume, power, and “key” lock are found on the side.

No word on pricing, but NEC is planning on shipping on the N908 to Asian retailers in Q3 of this year, with no apparent intention of bringing the keypad-less wonder to our side of the Pacific.