LG U400 plays music, glows blue

LG U400 plays music, glows blue


Music-centric cell phones are all the rage these days and mobile phone makers make no hesitation in making it obvious that their newest handsets are designed to double as MP3 players, possibly being used more for that function than actually participating in voice conversations.

In love with Apple’s clickwheel, but can’t wait for the iPhone? It seems that LG has you covered with their new U400 music phone complete with “a nifty scroll wheel.” In addition to the external music controls, the U400 also sports stereo Bluetooth connectivity (A2DP), stereo speakers, and a microSD expansion slot for extra storage space to stash all those tunes.

Other key features found on the LG U400 include a 2 megapixel camera, 3G high speed data for video calling, and an attractive black slider design. The glowing blue LED lights will certainly attract some attention while you cruise down Hollywood Boulevard late at night, given that Paris Hilton doesn’t pop up with her blinged-out Sidekick 3.

No word on pricing, but the U400 is expected to start shipping as early as next week.