Hitachi W42H phone changes with your day

Hitachi W42H phone changes with your day


The Hitachi W42H sports an image stabilized camera, dictionary functions, and music player, but the most important feature according to Hitachi is the ability to change the look of the phone itself.

They are the W42H models, and they come in black and white and orange. But that’s not all. Each phone comes with a handful of snap-in parts that allow you to customize the stylish look of your phone from the outside as well as personalize it from the inside out. Mainly targeted to individuals who use the same device for work and pleasure, it lets them switch up the style for business, snap on a couple attachments and change the theme when they to something more professional or blue colar.

If you’re like me and you want the thing to just work when you want it to and you don’t much care about how many snap-on options you have, then you probably won’t be getting all excited. However, I can think of plenty of family and friends who would go wild over the idea.