Greenhouse DVD player has TV and more

Greenhouse DVD player has TV and more


While it may look like any bargain basement portable DVD player on the market, this new offering from Greenhouse packs a little more punch than those other devices. Sure, it can do the usual DVD playback game on its 7-inch widescreen TFT display, but if you take a good long look at it (maybe not that long), you’ll notice a big shiny retractable antenna. It won’t do the cool DMB stuff that we keep hearing about, but you will be able to enjoy the built-in analog television tuner on the GH-PDV720-TV (hence those last couple of letters on the model number).

You’ll find AV-input and output for getting extra feeds, or conversely, throwing up your movie on a bigger screen, as well as support for burned CD-Rs and CD-RWs (though, strangely, there’s no mention of any love for DVD-R, +R, -RW, or +RW). File format support includes MPEG-1/2 and XviD on the video side of things, with MP3 and WMA formats on the audio side of things.

Measuring 215.0 x 175.0 x 37.3mm, the 780 gram Greenhouse GH-PDV720-TV will sell for $213 when it goes on sale next month.