Current T-Mobile subscribers can now get Sidekick 3

Current T-Mobile subscribers can now get Sidekick 3


We’ve been itching to get your hands on the next generation of Sidekick for some time now, with spy shots, rumoured specs, and personal conjecture flooding the interweb for months. Your time has come, but only if you’re already an existing T-Mobile subscriber, because the wireless service provider is giving first dibs to you folks on the hot Sidekick 3.

As per usual, the longer a contract extension you sign, the better “deal” you get on the cool new handset. With no contract whatsoever, it’ll cost you four Benjamins to rock the new SK3. A one year agreement will result in a $50 price cut, and a two-year will knock another 50 bucks off for a net price of $300.

For those of you who are not rocking the T-Mo yet, Catherine Zeta Jones has no love for you just yet. You’ll have to wait another couple of weeks before they open up Sidekick 3 sales to the rest of the eager public.