Philips SA1200 DAP is just average

Philips SA1200 DAP is just average


The Philips SA1200 digital audio player isn’t anything spectactular. It won’t floor you with its options and features, but its not exactly completely useless.

With 512MB and 1GB versions available, the Philips SA1200 will tackle the usual suspects of audio formats — MP3, WMA and WAV — and not much else. Don’t look for PlaysForSure, Ogg Vorbis, or anything remotely obscure like that. The squint-worthy LCD screen will show you what song is playing, but you won’t get floored by a glorious OLED display. It does not come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; Philips opted for the single AAA route for this player. It does have an integrated mic, however, for audio recordings.

Prices for the Philips SA1200 start at around $75, depending on the retailer.