Moto RAZR feels little blue for Cingular

Moto RAZR feels little blue for Cingular


While there are countless spy pics and guesstimated specs out there regarding the Capri and Canary concepts from Motorola, the RAZR appears to be far from riding off into the sunset just yet. As if choosing from black, silver, pink, magenta, and countless other “limited edition” varieties of Motorola’s thin flipper wasn’t enough to whet your whistle, you can still jump on the RAZR bandwagon and be a touch different with the blue flavour being released by Cingular.

If you’re hoping for some upgraded specs a la V3i or V3x, you’re going to be sorely disappointed, because this blue RAZR is the barebones as-basic-as-it-gets V3. The camera is the blur-tastic VGA rendition we’ve all seen before, and you’ll get the exact same feature set on this “new” phone as the handset that your tech-savvy friend sported oh so long ago. At least you can finally say you have Bluetooth.

Like the 50,000 different pinks out there, Cingular’s Blue RAZR isn’t completely original, but bear in mind that this blue is different that their blues. Available now, this handset can be had for a Benjamin, after $50 MIR.