Mobile phones may actually excite your brain

Mobile phones may actually excite your brain


You’ve heard all the different and conflicting reports about the effect of mobile phone radiation on our brains, but here’s a different take from Italian researchers – the radiation may actually excite your brain.

Researchers at Fatebenefatelli hospital in Milan had young men use a GSM900 phone for 45 minutes. They measured activity in the motor cortex of the volunteers, which is located near the ear. The cortex is an outer region of the brain which is responsible for some higher faculties. In 12 of the 15 volunteers the scientists found that electrical activity was boosted in that part of the brain after the 45 minutes of use, and stayed that way for an hour.

It’s not clear what the research actually means. It’s apparently hard to tell whether the effects of the radiation are bad, though the Italian researchers suggest that it may even be beneficial. At the very least, it’s another thing to confuse you when you try to figure out whether your phone is killing you or not.