Fanatic buys Sidekick 3 for $4050

Fanatic buys Sidekick 3 for $4050


While I can almost justify spending a fairly hefty premium to rock some hot new electronic that isn’t available locally and as such is pretty rare around these parts, I cannot understand why someone would spend more than 10 times the asking price simply to breathe that air of exclusivity for a couple of weeks. I’ve seen it happen with the DS Lite, and now I’m seeing it again with a cell phone.

The Sidekick 3 from T-Mobile is one of the most hotly anticipated devices this summer and it seems like one fanatic just couldn’t wait for the official retail launch, instead spending $4050 to pick one up off eBay. While I’m not so sure how legitimate the buyer is, considering that his feedback is a big fat goose egg. The auction itself seems to be for real though.

Of course, whoever this neophiliac is, he/she could have just waited like the rest of us and picked one up for less than $300. Go figure.