Audi to give next A4 “angry eyes”

Audi to give next A4 “angry eyes”


It seems like every upscale sedan these days is looking for a more aggressive look to them so that they can be a little edgier. We’ve seen the slanted headlights in the Lexus IS, and a similar get up in the current 3 Series BMW, and now Audi appears to be going for the “angry eye” look as well for the next iteration of its A4 entry-level sedan.

Nothing’s been set in stone just yet, but “based on insider info and analysis of recent Audi design trends”, Wheels24 threw together a sketch of what they expect the updated A4 will look like. The angled headlights are the most obvious change, but the LED lightbars mounted near the foglights would certainly turn a few heads as well. A similar LED set up can be found on the S6 sporty saloon.

Could the A4 become a Bimmer 3 Series killer? Maybe, especially considering that the German automaker is working on upgrading the build quality, “road manners”, and engine options.