Addicted to gadgets? You’re a neophiliac

Addicted to gadgets? You’re a neophiliac


Do you have to buy the latest and greatest toy as soon as it comes into stores? Are you obsessive about sites like, well, this one? There may actually be a name for your condition, you may be a neophiliac. Neophiliacs are people who are addicted to the newest things. It’s caused by a mitochondrial enzyme called monoamine oxidase A. If you produce a lot of that enzyme then you are likely to be addicted to gadgets.

You may have someone to blame for this expensive situation; your parents. Researchers at Yamagata University School of Medicine in Japan say that some people may be genetically predisposed to the situation. On the other hand, Colin Campbell, a sociology professor at the University of York says that the situation is likely more sociological than genetic, because people in the past were far more suspicious of change.

If all of a sudden Mc. Donals buys out Best Buy, someone better check the monoamine oxidase A level in those burgers.