A Yakuza-class bulletproof case for the iPod

A Yakuza-class bulletproof case for the iPod


What do you do when you accidentally destroy your treasured glossy media player from the Apple? How do you recover from having your iPod bludgeoned to death by being jammed against the handrail on a subway train? You make a bulletproof case, of course. That’s at least what one fellow from the Kanto region of Japan decided to do when his iPod Photo was destroyed on his daily commute.

The case is 5mm thick all around, said to be strong enough to survive a .22-millimeter bullet. Of course, if the sniper has such perfect aim as to strike the click wheel or color display, then you’re pretty much SOL anyways. The aluminium A5052 case is held together by beefy M3 hex bolts for good measure. Dubbed the “Armor Plate for iPod Photo”, this crazy chromy yet powerful protector (Terminator?) tips the scales at nearly half a kilo (446 grams), making it 2.5 times the weight of a new iPod Photo.

Now I wonder if anyone would do something like this for the more contemporary Nano…