A Streamium for the budget minded

A Streamium for the budget minded


Up until now, being able to enjoy wireless streaming music in your home was quite the expensive endeavour. Not so anymore. Just because you don’t have a huge bankroll doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the glories of sending your massic music collection (housed on your computer’s hard drive) to your entertainment room on the other side of your house. Philips has got some love for the rest of us, because they’re offering the SLA 5520, a Streamium adapter that’s actually priced reasonably.

You do lose the bells and whistles associated with higher end units, of course. It won’t be able to tackle any kind of video whatsoever, but you probably wouldn’t want to watch movies on its simple display anyways, given that it is only capable of two colors. I do like how they opted for blue for the screen, though. What it can stream is a good variety of music, including the DRM-protected PlaysForSure stuff that you’ve been purchasing.

To get your budget-minded Streamium on, you only need to part with $99 this September, a pretty good deal for a taste of the high-tech lifestyle.