iPod Shuffle: blinking lights = bad

iPod Shuffle: blinking lights = bad


If you’re an iPod Shuffle owner, flashing green and orange lights are the last thing you want to see. More than likely, it means you need to have a funeral for your beloved player. According to Apple’s support documentation, the lights indicate that a “generic error” has occurred. Without a screen it is very difficult to troubleshoot the problem or do much to solve it.

Premature Shuffle death is apparently a bit of a problem. There are more than 550 posts and more than 36,000 visits to a thread on the Shuffle support forum on Apple’s website. Disgruntled users are taking action – building websites about the problem, or buying different players. Sometimes the problem can be solved by reseting and reinstalling software, but often the dock doesn’t recognize the Shuffle.

Apple will replace Shuffle’s that die under warranty and offer an extended warranty to people who choose to buy them. They probably aren’t that worried, though. They have averaged sales of about 1 million Shuffles per month since release and make a gigantic profit per unit.