BMW working on high end four-door coupe

BMW working on high end four-door coupe


What do you do when you want a vehicle that can attack the cones with the best of them, rocket down the quarter mile, but still have the practicality of a family sedan? Why, a luxury four-door coupe of course. That’s why we see things like the Maserati Quattroporte (literally “four doors”) and the Mercedes CLS-Class. Bavarian Motor Werks appears to be throwing their name into the hat as well, because the latest edition of AutoBild magazine is reporting that BMW is working on a four-door coupe of their own.

The rear doors are a little different though, because they’re hinged in the rear and are dubbed “suicide doors”, the same kind of thing you find on the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Mazda RX-8. As such, there is no B-pillar, resulting in a huge entrance way when both doors on the side of the vehicle are opened. Of course, because it is still a “let’s plan to build something to b compete with the CLS”, there aren’t any firm details regarding engine size and the like, but they are saying that it should be “sensational.”

Leftlane News is saying that this new project would likely be the 8 Series, given its high-end nature and sporty personality (two other even numbers – 4 and 6 – represent BMW’s coupe lines, as well as the rumoured entry-level 2 Series).