Peugeot adds convertible to diesel hybrid line

Peugeot adds convertible to diesel hybrid line


That flashy hybrid convertible that Peugeot was showing off at the Geneva Motor Show is now available for purchase. It’s the 307 CC Hybride HDi, and it is a convertible diesel hybrid with an electric power train. The Coupe Cabriolet joins the 307 hatchback in the diesel hybrid line for Peugeot.

The automaker says that, compared to a traditional petrol-powered hybrid, the diesel hybrid consumes a full 25 percent less fuel and emits greenhouse gases of an approximate lesser amount as well. Compared to a totally gasoline-powered vehicle, the fuel economy savings is 30 percent.

The electric motor is designed for use around town. While the vehicle is slowing or braking, kinetic energy is recovered and used to recharge the 240 NiMH batteries.

The car also has an all-electric mode switch. In this mode, the car will switch to diesel only after prolonged acceleration.