Packard Bell laptop with dedicated Skype button

Packard Bell laptop with dedicated Skype button


I know, I know. I haven’t heard of Packard Bell for the longest time either, ever since the brand left North America at the turn of the millennium. Well, the NEC-owned namesake is still alive and kicking (barely) over in Europe, and they’re hoping to crawl onto the Skype bandwagon with a special Skype Edition notebook, sporting a dedicated Skype button.

While all but the most ancient of computers these days can run Skype for free, it’s still a strange and obscure technology to some people. This new easy button opens up the world of free telephony to those yet uninitiated, and makes the service just a touch simpler for the rest of us. The button can be used to answer incoming calls, bring up the Skype program to make outgoing calls, etc.

Other key features include an integrated webcam, Intel dual core processor, and a 14-inch screen. The price for the “world’s first Skype Edition notebook” starts at €899, with shipping expected to commence in August for markets in Belgium, France, the UK and the Netherlands.