Mercedes integrates Bluetooth car kit

Mercedes integrates Bluetooth car kit


Bluetooth-enabled vehicles are nothing new, especially among the luxury car segment. Such cars as the Acura TL sedan are already rocking integrated handsfree sets, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel while chatting away with your significant other on your ride back from the office. Mercedes has taken the integrated Bluetooth handsfree car kit to a whole new level, by adding in the ability for the system to download all your SIM card data, as well as that stored on your compatible cell phone’s internal memory.

The usual ability to keep your hands free while yapping away remains, but this unit mounted in the centre console automatically links up with your cell phone, blasts convos out of the car’s speakers, and allows you to control it all using the buttons and such mounted on the steering wheel and central display.

This Bluetooth module has already started popping up in select Mercedes models in Europe, with a North American deployment imminent.