LED car messages with Drive-e-mocion

LED car messages with Drive-e-mocion


Too busy yapping away on your Bluetooth headset about how great your latest techie toy is, or have your hands full with the your, er, healthy snack from the golden arches? No problem, because you can still flip the bird and participate in road rage with the best of them, thanks to the Driv-e-mocion device, a small electronic display with customized messages, happy faces, and more.

While there is plenty of space for certain four letter words, we don’t condone that kind of use. Wouldn’t you much rather display “Have a nice day” or something similar? Road rage is bad you know.

Even if you choose to use the Driv-e-mocion (get it, it’s like “emotion”, but not really) for good, rather than evil, snatching up the $20 device might be a waste of money anyways, since it is likely to be (or will be) illegal in several states.