Free USB keyboard with every Samsung Q1 purchase

Free USB keyboard with every Samsung Q1 purchase


UMPCs haven’t quite been received with the best of receptions, much to the cries of pain from investors ’round the globe. Aside from their other shortcomings — like minimal storage capacity, slow processors, and a heavy price – people were complaining about the awkward text input interface on UMPCs (no fans of the dial keys, I suppose).

Samsung listened and is now shipping their Q1 UMPC with a “free” USB keyboard. To sweeten the deal, they’re also including a complimentary carrying case. But doesn’t this just beg the question? The whole point of a UMPC in the first place was to bridge the gap between handheld PDAs and full-function tablet PCs. By adding in a keyboard, the Q1 has become a tiny laptop, no?

I guess this is a quick fix for now, until they get the next generation UMPC ready for us.