Centrix unveils GPS PMP running on Windows CE

Centrix unveils GPS PMP running on Windows CE


Quite a jump in features and functionality from the Centrix MVP100 we took a look at last year. Well, the Korean manufacturer Sitec Systems has gone and mated a GPS navigation system with a PMP, the result, the MVP150.

Unlike so many other PMPs on the market, Centrix has set this handy 4-inch screened (480×272) unit apart from the competition by getting it to run on the CE variant of Microsoft’s (in)famous operating system, complete with all the familiarity of a Windows environment (including the inexplicable crashing and “illegal operations”).

The Centrix MVP-150 easily tackles a good variety of video formats, including MP1, MP4, DivX, XviD, AVI, ASF, and WMV 7/8/9, as well as having the usual WinCe stuff for good measure. It seems that if you want GPS functionality, you might have to opt for the (optional) “Navigation Package”.

We can’t wait to get a hold of this unit and let you know how well Sitec has progressed in the PMP deparment.