Wireless wrist computer features GPS and WiFi


    Somewhere, Dick Tracy is smiling.

    The colorful comic book detective would definitely appreciate this wrist-computer, the Zypad WL 1000. It’s a WiFi, Bluetooth-enabled, with built-in GPS tracking, and it runs on Windows CE or Linux. It is particularly attractive to emergency personnel, who will appreciate the backlit keys and the self-protection function, which can determine whether the wearer has fallen down or is otherwise motionless.

    A wired headset can be attached, and the included stylus can be used to operate the touchscreen. The memory slot allows Mini SD adaptability, which could be a bit limiting, although we’re sure you won’t be wanting this baby to store a hard drive’s worth of data.

    As for Dick Tracy, well, the voice-activated version is somewhere down the line, we think.