WidSets – widgets for your phone from Nokia

WidSets – widgets for your phone from Nokia


Widgets are all the rage on computers and the web these days and now Nokia wants a piece of the action. They are cleverly putting their own stamp on widgets, though, by calling them WidSets – basically a widget for your mobile phone.

For the uninitiated, a widget is a little application that runs on your PC or Mac desktop or a website and has a specific task – to bring you the latest news headlines, or check the weather or pretty much anything else you can dream of. WidSets will let you set up widgets on your phone, provided that they have Java MIDP 2.0 or higher, at least a 128 x 128 color screen and internet access.

Nokia has established WidSets.com as its own business unit as part of their business incubation efforts. This will allow WidSets to work across all platforms and to have a very short development cycle so that identified needs can be quickly met.