Volkswagen’s 250hp R32 heading to the States

Volkswagen’s 250hp R32 heading to the States


Volkswagen, no matter how much they try, will never convince me that the Rabbit, Golf, and GTI are three wholly different vehicles, because they are all a part of the “entry level” hatchback portfolio coming out of the German automaker.

While the somewhat porky (3,308 lb) GTI is quite the nimble vehicle and puts up some rather impressive numbers, hardcore racers want something faster and more powerful. As such, all you Yanks can now look forward to the Volkswagen R32, because VW is ready to unleash the fastest of the Golfs upon you, yet once again. No mention of any love for Canucks, though.

Like the previous generation R32, the new one will only be available in limited numbers. In fact, they plan on shipping no more than 5,000 of the hot hatches to this side of the pond, so you may be best advised to get your name on a waiting list now. After all, VW aficionados are going to be all over the new R32, complete with a 3.2L V6 engine capable of developing 250 horsepower… and it’s all-wheel drive (4Motion) to boot. No word on pricing just yet, but we do know that it’ll sport a dual-clutch gearbox (DSG).