Vanzero shrinks their MP3 player, dubs it the Mini One

Vanzero shrinks their MP3 player, dubs it the Mini One


Portable music players are getting smaller and smaller these days, thanks to the shrinking size (both in cost and physically) of all the components involved. Vanzero has made this statement — the incredible shrinking MP3 player — quite explicit with their latest product, the Venzero Mini One.

Like the (full-sized) Vanzero One we heard about a couple of months back, the Mini version sports the MusicMarker music recognition service. Not sure what’s the name of the tune you’re listening to? Not a problem, just tap that button and the Venzero MP3 player will identify the song for you.

The vibrant 1.3-inch OLED display will lead to a bit of squinting when it comes time to watch the “player-specific video” (conversion software is, of course, included in the package), but jamming away to MP3, WAV, and WMA (including the DRM’d stuff) files isn’t a problem.

At less than an ounce, the Vanzero Mini One is quite the lightweight portable music player. Both the 1GB ($119) and 2GB ($169) should start shipping next month, but Vanzero will gladly take your pre-order today.