Motorola goes colourful with low-end W375, slim with W208

Motorola goes colourful with low-end W375, slim with W208


Business users were recently treated to the new Motorola Q smartphone – available through Verizon in the US and through Telus Mobility in Canada – and everyone else has been rocking the RAZR and SLVR since they made their respectively slim debuts. The entry-level end of things perhaps has been feeling a little left out, so that could be why Motorola is addressing the el-cheapo market with the new W208 skinny candybar and W375 flip phone. They’re both rather low-end units, but they are incredibly lightweight at a mere 3 ounces.

The W208 lacks a camera, but does rock FM radio for at least some portable tunes. Marketed as being “affordable and feature rich”, the W208 bar-type handset also has a speakerphone, calendar, alarm clock, and other yawn-worthy specs.

For the sleek and smooth look of the RAZR at an even more budget-minded price, Motorola released the W375 (pictured). This clamshell, like the W208, has a FM radio built in, but it also adds a blur-erific VGA camera to boot and should be available in a rainbow of colors.

Expect both the Motorola W208 and W375 to be heading to a service provider near you (in North America) before year’s end.